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Online Exhibition Platforms – Top 5 Picks For Your Event

When it comes to hosting online exhibition, we need a platform to make the job easier. Similarly, the platform should also satisfy the basic requirements of the organizers and encourage engagement with the audience. Most businesses, event planners, and sponsors are shifting towards this modern trend.

Getting the attention of viewers, and converting them into potential customers is the sole purpose of organizing these sessions. This blog is all about listing some popular exhibition platforms in 2023. In addition to this, we’ll also cover salient features of these platforms and their importance from the presenter’s point of view.

What Are Online Exhibition Platforms 

A virtual exhibition platform is a platform where exhibitions are held in a virtual setting. It includes a customizable exhibitor booth, conference room, exhibition lobby, etc. that adheres to the brand criteria of the company. The platform also has a variety of other features that make it simple for event organizers to set up a virtual exhibition.

An online exhibition is an interactive event that gives exhibitors the chance to digitally present their goods/services to a large audience. With the use of audio/video calls, live chat capabilities, and other communication methods, vendors, exhibitors, and attendees may interact with one another in real-time.

Features Of An Online Exhibition Platform 

  • One of the major elements that improve the functionality of the online exhibition is integration. Pay Pal, Stripe, social media platforms, chatbots, and more. Data is automatically sent between your virtual event and any internet tool.
  • The platform assists in arranging live webinars on several social media platforms. The process of the payment is super easy and quick which facilitates smooth operation of the event.Select a platform that gives you complete control over the online show. Along with this, it has crucial features like letting exhibitors contribute logos, etc. films, product catalogs, and company photos to help highlight their distinctive tales.

Some Popular Online Exhibition Platforms 

Here is the list of some popular exhibition platforms for your convinience – 

  • Swapcard 
  • Mixhub
  • Acclevents 
  • Pheedloop
  • 6Connex

Now we’ll discuss each one of them in detail – 


Swapcard provides exhibitors with virtual booth alternatives so they may display their goods to attendees. However, there aren’t many choices for customization or demonstration. The other rivals mentioned above are also capable of integrating third-party apps and can even assist you in setting up a product display inside the booth.


Mixhubbb is one of the most popular Online Exhibition Platform and is loaded with features like the building of a microsite for registration purposes, the creation of customizable landing pages and exhibitor booths, a stress-free setup process, a chat room for multiple visitors inside the booth, and much more.

Apart from this platform, it also supports 1-1 or group meetings at the virtual booths. All these features, along with the best interaction facility with the viewers, make it a tough choice among its competitors.


Accelevents provides all exhibitors with a customizable show hall and a variety of booth setup options, similar to the majority of its rivals. The booth builder at the event makes it simple for vendors to set up their booths. The setup doesn’t take long, and exhibitors can leave a digital trace by branding their booths with their company logos.


Pheedloop differentiates itself from the competition by providing special 3D virtual booths with live streaming capabilities. Because live streaming video may be a great way to advertise items and share information, this function may be especially useful for virtual exhibitions. The virtual booths include interactive networking opportunities, document hosting, chat tools, and style customization in addition to live video.


 It is one of the most popular online exhibition platforms in the market. It has many exciting features that merit a closer look. Features like making adjustments can be linked to particular themes as well as the look and feel of your company. To attract more attendees, you can alter the event’s colors and set up unique interactive booths. The same event can be held simultaneously in several locations with multiple show halls set up. However, user reviews indicate that the backends’ numerous customization possibilities can be complex and challenging.

Which One Do You Prefer?

It is very difficult to select the best choice for your event. In addition to this, it depends on the event requirements as well as the type of features you want to include in your event. Before selecting any from the above list, make sure to define the event objectives and the interest of the audience.

Virtual Art Exhibition

An online art show is a virtual exhibition that allows artists and their companies to host events for displaying their art on a virtual platform. Through the use of online event platforms, artists can hold Art Show Openings with ease in a unique, creative way. These events are designed in such a way that they let the artist have complete creative control over the virtual environment. Designing them in ways that complement their personal style. The benefits of hosting virtual exhibitions are endless and are limited only by the creator’s imagination.

The Benefits of Hosting Online Exhibitions

Much like a Virtual Trade Show, these events have many state-of-the-art characteristics. Hosting an event on a virtual platform is cheaper, easier, and more creative. These events minimize the cost that goes into hosting physical events. Virtual Event Platforms provide users with environmentally and user-friendly software. It is easy to navigate on both ends and is customizable to suit personal needs. Moreover, these events add a whole new dimension of innovation towards an exhibition through the inculcation of modern techniques. To ensure all these outcomes. corporations need to use the best virtual platforms for online art exhibitions.

Final Thoughts 

Online Exhibition Platforms are the best way to showcase everything you have. By customizing your event with professional platforms, you can actually gain more traffic for your product or services. In addition to this, by directly interacting with the audience, you can also build the credibility of your brand or service.

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