Switched from Psychology to Communication

Why I Switched from Psychology to Communication

Any career that involves working with people requires effective communication, but studying human behavior is no exception. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career as a counselor or psychologist must possess these soft skills because communication and psychology go hand in hand.

A master’s in psychology can assist you in expanding your knowledge and improving your emotional awareness if you are a psychology graduate wishing to advance your profession.

You’ll have many opportunities to advance as long as you have effective communication skills and the capacity for interpersonal relationships.

Psychology is not a science and we don’t know all the answers. Psychology has no real way to prove anything in a controlled environment. For example, many studies show that people make better decisions when they have more information and less pressure from others.

In contrast, communication is an art form and there are many proven methods for getting your point across effectively without the need for proof or studies. The most important thing about communication is its ability to be effective at any age and in any situation. Communication can be applied anytime you wish to get your point across to someone else or yourself. You don’t need to be an expert in psychology; all you need is awareness of how you communicate with others and what types of messages you send out through your words, body language, and actions.

Reasons why people left psychology

Here are some reasons why people choose communication over psychology in today’s post.

Extensive Training and Education

The first reason is the extensive training and education required of psychologists. While some can get through college with only one major, most people need at least two majors to graduate. Psychology programs require at least three years of full-time study, including summers and internships. It includes advanced classes in statistics, research methods, and nursing, so students must also write dissertations for these programs, but most students find it difficult to write assignment as they are already under a lot of pressure with their training, so they start searching on google if there someone who write my assignment for me? For assistance in their academic task.

Stressful Exams

Many programs require applicants to take qualifying exams before they can enroll in classes. These exams include tests on verbal ability, reading comprehension skills, logical reasoning skills, and more. These exams help ensure that students have the necessary knowledge base before they begin their studies in psychology programs. If you plan on becoming a psychologist in the future, this could be an issue for you since these exams can be stressful for some people depending on their current levels of preparation and confidence in their abilities as well as their current level of anxiety levels when faced with something new or unfamiliar

Violence is a possibility

The other reason is that patient violence is a possibility. In this job as a mental health professional, you see many patients who are victims of physical and sexual abuse. This can result in severe anxiety and depression if left untreated. If you have any history of trauma, it is important to seek out help from a professional psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in trauma treatment so that you can work through your issues safely and effectively.

Hours in the evenings

Hours in the evenings and on weekends are also reasons why people decided to switch from psychology to communication. Working as a therapist requires me to be available around the clock during regular business hours at most clinics or hospitals.  Your clients want you around when they need me most especially if they are experiencing an emergency such as suicidal thoughts or psychotic symptoms like delusions.

Why people choose communication

As a college major, communications examines bodily expression and interaction. Communication students are interested in learning how to persuade, inform, educate, and entertain others by utilizing theories of oral, written, and multimodal communication.

The majority of communications majors aren’t drawn to the field purely out of a desire for information. Their knowledge is put to use in the creation of media content, corporate statement design for business communications, product and service promotion, and understanding of the relationship between communication and society. However, students might employ do my assignment website if they need assistance with their tasks.

Development Possibilities

In addition to compensation, managerial roles in communications also carry a certain level of status. You can be in charge of campaigns and initiatives like the launch of a new publishing or marketing business. Communication managers usually oversee other communications specialists. You can effectively supervise these people thanks to your public speaking and information-expression skills.

There are many different professional paths

Let’s face it, everyone admires a good communicator. No matter where you work or even what job duties you carry out, you must be able to communicate successfully with your clients, customers, coworkers, and even your bosses. Your study in communications will provide you with useful and adaptive skills.

Possible Salary 

U.S. News & World Report estimates that the starting salary for communications professionals with a bachelor’s degree is around $40,000. In part, because they work part-time, lower-paying communications positions like broadcasters and photographers are frequently underpaid.

Your earning potential will, however, significantly increase as you develop skills. A communications professional with experience may expect to make roughly $70,000 per year, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Benefits of choosing communications over psychology

The benefits of choosing communications over psychology are that it is cheaper, more effective, and more reliable.

Communication is cheaper because it does not require the use of expensive equipment such as scales and measuring tapes. It can be done with the help of pen and paper, which is much cheaper than using scales and measuring tapes.

Communication is more effective because it allows you to get more accurate results as opposed to psychology where measurements are subject to human error.

Communication is more reliable because it does not rely on what happens in the mind of the person taking the test or giving a speech but rather on what happened during the communication process itself.


If you are a psychology major, don’t assume that the only place you can work after graduating is a therapy office. Psych majors are naturally suited to be amazing writers; this is because they are more perceptive, intuitive, sensitive, and intelligent than other types of majors. Many communication degrees require that you take a few psychology courses as prerequisites.


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